Meet RUNKEL OF RUEBENSTEIN, a true knight of passion, who doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into danger and prove his courage. However, he is also a total clutz and a manchild!

Luckily, his squires, the two anarchic helper-kobolds DIG and DAG, are there to protect him.

Their help is desperately needed, as the evil COUNT KUCK sends out his henchwomen GRAPPLING-HOOK-DINA the Pirate and CHARLATANIA the Alchemist to sabotage Runkel’s fame again and again. When crazy kobold-ideas mix with magical potions and Runkel’s clumsy antics, even the smallest everyday affair is destined to escalate into absurd slapstick mayhem!

Based on the Mosaik comics by Hannes Hegen.

GENRE: Action Comedy

FORMAT: 52 x 11 min, 2,5D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 6 – 9 years, Family Entertainment

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Dig, Dag and Runkel

Castles Kuckoosberg and Ruebenstein

Ruebensteiner Dragon 2.0

The Heritage

“Runkel and the Digedags” is based on the Digedags MOSAIK comics by Hannes Hegen, published in Berlin from 1955 to 1975. MOSAIK remains the most successful ever comic series from Germany, with millions of readers per issue when published. A total of 223 Digedags issues were released, and the comics have been published in 13 countries, including the USA.