The Heritage

“Dina and the Digedags” is based on the Digedags MOSAIK comics by Hannes Hegen, published in Berlin from 1955 to 1975. MOSAIK remains the most successful ever comic series from Germany, with millions of readers per issue when published. A total of 223 Digedags issues were released, and the comics have been published in 13 countries, including the USA.

The Brand

Due to the wealth of characters, settings and stories, this project has the potential to become an internationally successful entertainment brand with comprehensive 360° exploitation. The overall stories are already there, based on the original comics, and offering material for at least two more seasons, as well as feature films.

The Adaptation

To create a contemporary show for today’s audiences, we emancipated our story significantly from the original comic books, thus opening up a new chapter: Our story begins at the point where the Lord Runkel story in the comics ends. Main hero character is 13 years old Princess Dina, who doesn’t exist in the comics. Additionally, we came up with a background story, how the three Digedags boys eventually became time travellers.