The Story

Our company’s first activity is the development of “Dina and the Digedags”, loosely inspired by the Digedags Mosaic comic books series „Knight Runkel“. The main character design is in place first, as well as script and concept. This is the show’s story set-up:

In the year 1285, in the Franconian woods in Germany: After a strange boy named Digedag dropped into her life, young princess Dina Von Ruebenstein witnesses how her mother Laura is put under an evil spell by her family’s vicious neighbour Count Von Kuckoosberg, who wants to take control of the Ruebenstein’s land and people. Von Kuckoosberg takes advantage of Dina’s father Knight Runkel’s absence, who is on a mission to far off lands with his two young squires.

To save her mother and the Ruebenstein realm, Dina needs to find her father and help him to coming home. Strange Digedag insists to accompany her, telling Dina that her father’s squires are his two friends Dig and Dag, like him time travellers from the future. Dina has definitely no desire to team up with this really confused character, but he whencesoever claims to know her father’s and his friends’ whereabouts: Venice.

To make matters worse, Count Kirk deployed ruthless henchmen to make sure that neither Knight Runkel nor his daughter Dina return to challenge Kirk’s claim on the Ruebenstein throne. Dina and Digedag’s very adventurous, always emotional and frequently funny journey takes its course.


Three young brothers, who are lost and separated by time. Their only chance of getting home is to reunite in exactly the right place at exactly the right time – an almost impossible task and time is running out…

An eccentric knight, who urgently requires some heroics to woo his lady. He intends to travel to the end of the world to recover his ancestors’ buried treasure.

These reluctant companions set out on a crazy, capering quest, filled with adventure and suspense, fun and pleasure, friendship and quarrels, silly mistakes, and brave rescues – all the while being pursued by devilish villains in a race against time that stretches all the way from Western Europe to the farthest east of Asia.

The Story

It is 1284. DINA (13) is hunting In the beautiful woodlands of Bohemia when a boy falls from a hole in the sky, landing at her feet. This red-haired beanpole goes by the name DIGEDAG (15) and claims to be in search of his brothers, Dig and Dag. The young huntress wants no part of it. But then she spots the stranger‘s amulet! Dina’s secret: She owns an identical amulet! But unlike hers, Digedag‘s amulet contains a magic crystal, ever pointing East and ever counting down. Digedag’s secret: He and his brothers are time travelers. His mischief separated them.

Now he must follow his amulet’s guidance to the next open portal and hope his brothers can catch up. All Dina knows is that this fool may just be the key to unlock the secret questions that burn her own heart! Where do I come from? Why am I living alone in this forest? Why can’t I remember anything? One dungeon rescue later, Dina’s mind is entirely made up. She’s going with this strange boy on his mission. A few days later, DIG (12) and DAG (11) fall from the same time portal in the sky. Digedag’s little brothers have never been separated from him before. Luckily, they collide with the gallant but erratic KNIGHT RUNKEL and they draft him in as a sidekick who thinks he’s the leader. Fortunately, Runkel is going east too. He’s in search of his ancestors’ legendary treasure, buried far, far beyond the Eastern horizon! Runkel has pledged to defend his family! From the sinister Count Kirk Von Kuckoosberg! And to win the hand of Damsel Adelaide! Runkel’s horse Valkyrie does not look forward to doing all the walking on this noble quest. 

Digedag keeps the secret truth of his amulet from Dina and she isn’t going to spill about her own amulet and her amnesia. Gradually, she comes to the truth of her noble mother, overthrown by her conniving uncle, Count Kirk. Digedag hurries to reach the distant time portal before it shuts forever. On the way, he can count on Dina’s archery, her acrobatics, her sly cunning and her loyalty. He leaves a trail of clever clues that he hopes his little brothers will be able to follow through the dangers and wonders of Southern Europe, the Near and Middle East and Asia. Moreover Dig and Dag are pursued by the DEVIL GANG, a family of filthy swashbuckling bounty hunters.

These thugs are employed by Count Von Kuckoosberg to stop Knight Runkel’s noble mission. Meanwhile, the Count’s sinister alchemist, CHARLATANIUS sends his own dimwit assistant KASIMIR to join the pursuit. Charlatanius aims to learn all about these time portals. Control of the portals will surely mean ultimate power! On their thrilling journey, the Digedags and their companions face challenges, mischief and epic hazards. They will overcome adversity with smarts, daring and loyalty.

The Design

The Main Character Design was developed from Award Winning Designer Torsten Schrank („Klaus“) and his team. The Set Design was developed by Mario Kuchinke-Hofer.

Check out some of our work-in-progress material.

Check out some of our work-in-progress material.

Dig, Dag and Runkel

Castles Kuckoosberg and Ruebenstein

Dina and Digedag

Hall Castle Kuckoosberg