It’s the year 1910: women have no say and young girls even less. Yet Amelia (10) wants only one thing: to fly! On her grandparents’ farm in North Carolina, she helps the Wright brothers construct the world’s first airplanes. And because Amelia is so light and skilled, she’s the only one who can be the test pilot! Her black friend Grace (10) becomes the co-pilot.

But the mayor, Major Burnstet (54), finds all of this outrageous and makes life difficult for Amelia and her friends. And besides, isn’t the world good enough as it is? Why would humans need airplanes after all?

Amelia, Grace and the Wright brothers show him: they rescue mountaineers in distress, deliver urgently needed medicine, or help find lost cattle. That’s how they win people’s hearts and demonstrate that things don’t always have to stay the same.

GENRE: History / Adventure

FORMAT: 26 x 22 min, 2D/3D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 6 – 12 years