Dina (13) has a special gift: she senses danger before it becomes dangerous. This qualifies her for the “IMTF: Impossible Mission Teen Force”, a multinational, independent espionage group led by Dina’s grandmother, that carries out missions adults are simply too old for. Dina and her co-agents infiltrate schools and summer camps, youth clubs and amusement parks around the world.

Their opponent: HAVOC (“Hazardous Agents Vowing Organized Chaos”). What nobody except Dina knows: Dina’s stepfather Karl (45) is the secret leader of HAVOC and her annoying stepbrother Dante (14) is its best agent! Unfortunately, nobody believes Dina.

Thus, patchwork family life is mixed with international espionage and sibling rivalry with team disputes. And at some point, Dina also has to do her homework…

GENRE: Spy Comedy

FORMAT: 26 x 22 min, 2D/3D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 7 – 12 years