Juma (8) has a secret: close to his house in the Ugandan rainforest lives a group of talking mountain gorillas! The only other person who knows is his best friend, Emmy (9) from Sweden, whose parents work as veterinarians in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Together with the young gorilla Nio, son of the wise silverback gorilla Kato, Juma and Emmy discover the rainforest through the eyes and ears of its animal inhabitants. They find unknown plants, help sick or lost animals and experience the beauty of nature.

But this beauty must be protected. Together, the three of them fight against illegal deforestation, environmental pollution and reckless tourism, protect rare plants and help animals in need – to ensure that the mystical magic of the rainforest, with all its secrets, remains with us for a long time!

GENRE: Environmental Adventure

FORMAT: 52 x 11 min, 2D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 – 7 years