ASTRO and BLOB are impossible neighbors. One is an orderly and quiet astronaut. The other is a chaotic and slimy alien. Both live on the moon. Astro has to do his work here, in an accurate lunar base. Blob wants to have fun here. Blob lives in a pile. Blob is the opposite of Astro in every way without respect for personal boundaries or privacy.

The two have a love-hate relationship: For Astro, Blob is at the same time an annoying troublemaker, helper, sometimes opponent but also a good friend. For Blob, Astro is often stuffy neighbor or sometimes a fun buddy and most of the time just strange. Astro and Blob is 6 minutes of fun and craziness in space. A healthy dose of science is also included, but easy to understand and always funny. Most important are the feelings, the experience, the joy, the characters and the question: how to get along with each other, when being so different?”

GENRE: Sci-Fi Comedy

FORMAT: 13 x 6 min, 2D/3D/Stop-Motion-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: Kids 5+ years, Family Entertainment