Lea may only be seven, but she’s already a real detective! With her talking sniffer cat Lollipop, she helps children in school, the neighborhood and at home with their everyday cases. Whether it’s missing toys, bad feelings or forgotten homework: Lea and Lollipop solve every puzzle! With lots of imagination, energy and empathy.

Everything always turns out okay in the end and things aren’t as bad as they initially seemed. Because everyone makes mistakes sometimes – even Lea and Lollipop!

Lea and Lollipop are the opposite of all the children detectives we already know. Instead of somber crimes, perfect detectives or eye-for-an-eye morality, Lea and Lollipop emphasize fun, life-affirming lightness and cooperation. Lea and Lollipop don’t lock anyone up, but help them. Because that’s what detectives are for, isn’t it?

GENRE: Detective-Comedy

FORMAT: 13 x 11 min, 2D animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: Kids, 5+ years