In the near future: the “smart city” Futuropolis is powered by clean energy and state-of-the-art technology, AI and robotics. Almost all human work is automated. Unfortunately, even AIs make mistakes.

That’s why the Quantum family and the Cosmos family now live under one roof! There was a design flaw, a partition was forgotten and the automated help hotline engages every caller in an endless conversation about the mea-ning of automated help hotlines! Instead of helping..

The Quantums and the Cosmos couldn’t be more different: one family is made up of futuristic tech nerds, the other is a same-sex couple with a nostalgic streak. Somewhere in between are the kids, who prefer to live in the present rather than in tomorrow or yesterday.

Together, the two families experience many “glitches” in family life and always need to find a way to bugfix them.

GENRE: Family Sitcom

FORMAT: 52 x 11 min, 2D/3D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 5 – 10 years