The year 2125: On the spaceship “Stellar Odyssey”, numerous families are travel from Earth to their vacation in the neighboring Alpha Centauri star system. However, due to a space anomaly, the spacecraft gets lost somewhere in the galaxy and all adults on board disappear without a trace! Left to their own devices, the diverse replacement crew of children and teen-agers must establish a hierarchy, learn to navigate the ship, and ultimately solve the mystery of their parents’ disappearance!

Their journey takes the brave Jim (16), the ingenious Jay (14), the quick-witted Luna (15), the gentle Rex (17) and the charismatic Zara (15) across the depths of space, where they encounter aliens, strange planets, unknown phenomena, and powerful adversaries.

The encounters of the “Stellar Odyssey” crew always reflect an aspect of our own world here on Earth. For example, the inhabitants of one foreign planet communicate only through small, flat pocket computers, while those of another one argue about whose superstition is the correct one.
True science fiction, not only for kids.

GENRE: Sci-Fi Adventure

FORMAT: 26 x 22 min, 3D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: 8 – 12 years