From the outside, the Friems look like a normal family. But they have a secret: Mom Liena (35) is an alien! Because she is a shapeshifter and her daughter Melanie (8) looks like a human from birth, no one has noticed so far.

Just like her mom, Melanie has magical alien powers. She can levitate objects, transform herself and many things she doesn’t even know about yet!

However, her abilities have not fully developed yet and she shouldn’t use them. But in the everyday family life of an eight-year-old, things often don’t go as planned. Unfortunately, the curious neighbor boy Nemo (9) always looks over the garden fence at the wrong time…

A family sitcom about how being different can be fun.

GENRE: Family Sitcom

FORMAT: 52 x 11 min, 3D-Animation

TARGET AUDIENCE: Kids 5+ years